Monday, 25 October 2010


Unknown Printmaker(s)

I found this print at an Austrian dealer. It was sold (and or framed) from an Amsterdam Art shop, probably in the 1920-30's.
It says under the matting in typemachine print: "Nasturtiums" serie S. Maybe the print is originally English because a Dutch printer in those days would have called it "Oost-Indische kers" (East-Indian Cress). Its colors are still great and stylish it resembles ofcourse John Thorpe Hall and Thomas Todd Blaylock very much.

To my suprise not long after, these two prints, both "Supplement to Modern Home 1933" showed up. In England.



On the back instructions are written in pencil to "block out RAM lower right". And indeed you can find these initials(?) blocked out in both prints.

I can not find anything on the Magazine nor any mentioning to these two prints. Like the first one the maker(s) have obviously been inspired by Blaylock and Thorpe-Hall. To their style or to their succes. I haven't a clue to whom the initials R.A.M. belonged.

If there is any one who knows more about these prints or do know of more like them, please ......etc.


  1. I recently saw the nasturtium print at a car boot sale in london (and regretfully i didn't buy it!). i also noticed the letters RAM in the right hand bottom corner, which were also scribbled out. i don't know what it means either but would be interested to know! cheers!

  2. The story on R.A.M. (Ralp Mott) continues on oktober 27th on this Blog (two postings up) Thank you for commenting, highly appreciated.

  3. We found one of the nasturtium prints at the recycle centre in Winchester, UK. Still has R AM in the lower right corner. The reverse has two inscriptions in pencil: '6869/1' over '500', and 'Lawe' at the lower edge. The later blog makes interesting reading. More info would be great!

  4. I have in my possession what appears to be a third picture (pochoir print?) in this series featuring brightly coloured plants in a blue vase. This is landscape in orientation and features white and yellow flowers (chrysanthemums?). The bottom right of the picture is signed "RAM". Could it be by the Italian art deco artist Ruggero Alfredo Michahelles, who definately signed himself as RAM, or is this merely a co-incidence? Tony from Wimbledon

  5. I have a similar woodcut of marigolds in a blue vase with a monogram in the left hand corner - possibly AGI. Does anyone know who the artist might be?

  6. Hello, I'll be happy to assist but since this is privat and not public platform adressing to "anyone" isn't appropriate. Please send me a picture of the signature (and if you don't mind make yourself a bit more nonymous f.e. by a first name) at