Thursday, 28 February 2013

Andrey Kartashov, printmaker ?

Andrey Kartashov
*1974 Uzhgorod-Ukraine 
Russian painter (also printmaker ?) 

Andrey Kartashov, entered Uzhgorod College of Applied Art in 1990 at age 16 and later followed St. Petersburg Repin Fine Art College. According to his biography he exhibited worldwide from 1994 and has won many prizes. Here are some paintings and drawings to illustrate my recent Internet search. I discovered this young and talented artist just by chance. 

Because this linocut print, edited in Moskou in 1991, in blues and browns is showing "Evening over Lake Baikal" and also is signed Kartashov. But if it is created by the hands of the painter, as a youthful sin, I really do not know because all I could find in that name is paintings in oil and drawings. But: great paintings and and great drawings. At first I doubted, who can create a print like this at 17 ? But on the other hand who can paint and draw like this at 20 ? 
How this print, from an edition of 500, labelled and edited by O.B. Bikov for the Moskou Graphic Arts and Students Society (RSFSR) came from Moskou and found its way to the low countries I have no idea. I was lucky to swap it recently purely by chance. I like it and I like it enough to let it stay on my wall for a while. Maybe an observant reader one day will enlighten us about the maker. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use.

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