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Gertrud Fabian: first result.

My first posting in 2015 is an update on printmaker Gertrud Fabian. Reader Tom from Boston found one mentioning I missed: Gertrud was represented december 1943 in the yearly Art Exhibition (Jährlichen Kunstausstellung) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen just south of Münich, situated against the Austrian  border. In a website organized by Alois Schwarzmüller the history and attitude of its inhabitants during WWII is critically exposed (read here*).

Hugo Hodiener, (1886-1945), represented artist in the 1943 Garmisch exposition. 

Here we can read that one Heinrich Schiede, born October 4th 1904 as son of  Munich musical teacher and composer Philipp Schiede speeched on the occasion in his function as “Reichs-einsatz-redner”, an influential spokesman and speecher of the NSDAP. It is unnecessary and not in line with the intentions of this Blog to repeat the poisoned and rather imbecile thoughts of this then 42 year old fanatic member. For the courageous: read (here*).


Garmisch-Partenkirchen Kunstausstellung,  December 1943

  • Bauriedl, (= Otto ?) painter (1881-1961) or (1879-1956) 
  • Heinrich Betzold, (1891-1955)
  • Eugen Dekkert, (1865-1956)
  • Gertrud Fabian, (1885-1943)
  • Franz Götze, ?
  • Hans Heinzeller, ?
  • Jakob Hellmann, (1877-1953)
  • Hugo Hodiener, (1886-1945)
  • Hans Holzner, (1889-1958)
  • Hans Horr, ?
  • Klaus Huisgen, ?
  • Erich Kittmann, (1892-1978)
  • Andreas Lang,(1891-
  • August Maninger, (1903-1981)
  • Fritz Modell, ?
  • Oskar Mulley, (1891-1949)
  • Hermann Peters, ?
  • Carl Reiser, (1877-1950)
  • Salvini-Plaven, ?
  • Max Sammet, (1913-1992
  • Traudl Schreyögg, (= Jorg ?) 
  • Luise von Schrenk, ?
  • Raffael Schuster-Woldan, (1870-1951)
  • Heinz Theis, (1894-1966)
  • Willy Tiedjen, (1881-1950)
  • Carl Traud, ?
Webmaster Schwarzmüller added this list of artists participating: they were all painters (I wonder if an inventory list of the works shown is still available). I've added the dates of birth and death and Googled most of them. It was a serious exposition, of the 26 artists mentioned some were local Garmisch Artists and only three of them were women. All artists (I was not able to identify all in a short time) were alive when the exhibition opened. But one. Gertrud, probably the only Jewish artist represented was murdered beginning of march 1943 in Dachau. It is curious Gertruds painting was allowed and was not refused as “degenerate” in this poisoned atmosphere. These gifted spokesman were maybe not true war criminals but as dangerous. With their words they tried to feed the hatred against Jews. I found Heinrich simply by Googling (here*). He lived a very long and probably respected life as a convinced Übermensch.

Alexander Bogen (1916-2010) Jewish artist and partisan: "typical Übermensch in the Vilnius Ghetto".   

Which reminded me of these words by a Jewish Poet , a surviver and brother of  a female artist who died in the Ghetto of Vilnius in Lithuania:

“We, the surviviors, we are the bad ones, the good ones all died”.

A posting is in preparation. 

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