Thursday, 1 March 2018

"March Tulips" by Vladimir Vasilyevich Averyanov

Within a day combining three different sources from Germany (thank you Ulrich), Austria (thank you Hannelore) and Moscow (thank you Irina) the artist and some details about the tulips print were disclosed: the incredible possibilities of a friendly internet.
"March Tulips" 
Vladimir Vasilyevich Averyanov (b. 1952) was an assistant Professor the Department of Graphichs in the Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute (named after painter Vasily Ivanisowitch Surikov (1848-1916) in 1991 and according to the link still is working. 

A quick internet research did not reveal much more about this artists but I found a Boris Yakovlevich Averyanov (1931-1973 who was involved in lithographic and linocut printmaking, maybe a family relative, because Boris Averyanov was also working in Surikov Art Academy. 

This print and the lake Baikal woodblock print by Leonid Mikhailovich Kartashov (1935-2005) graphic artist, book illustrator and member of the Union of artists of the USSR, Moscow (and not as presumed before Andrei Kartashov) (were both printed in the "Graphic Art Workshop of the Moscow Art Fund" in 1991 and possibly were traveling with a European Exhibition or (selling) Tour.  

But I also I remember visiting foreign art students (were they ?) were  a common sight 25 years ago trying to sell paintings and other works of art house to house.

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  1. Sorry, I gave you the wrong painter’s name earlier, surely, it’s Vladimir. But the book you show wasn’t written by Vladimir Averyanov, it’s author is Vitaly Averyanov and the title is “Artel & a man of an artel”. Artel is a self-organized community of artisans. As for A. Kartashov, you can ask him about the print you're interested in directly on his website Good luck.

    1. Thank you again Irina !

    2. Please send the other email again: it disappeared !

    3. Here it is: At the label of the lake Baikal print there is “Л.М.Карташов”, so to my mind, the painter is not Andrey Kartashov, but Kartashov Leonid Mikhailovich 27.07.1935 - 2005
      Graphic artist, book Illustrator, member of the Union of artists of the USSR, Moscow. There is very little info about him in the Internet, only some of his works: