Monday, 13 September 2010

Catching Up

John Hall Thorpe

This new example of Hall Thorpe's flower bouquet prints I found Googling some online auction cataloques last week. No name no title. I've never seen it before. I know of this Australian cataloque/ book describing Hall-Thorpe's work (*) but considering it has only 4 colored pictures I decided against looking for a (used) copy.

I've uploaded the flowers to the completion of my posting on the flowers prints of John Hall Thorpe of june 18th.

And now for something quite different. My latest find by an obscure printmaker. As early as 1916 and monogrammed probably S.M. (or M.S). Possibly and most probably by a Dutch artist.

These philosophic Dutch sisters ruminating whilst keeping watch over the sea on top of a dike. Which would locate this great scene somewhere around the former Zuyderzee. Now renamed: IJsselmeer. After closing it of from the North Sea entirely in 1927-1932 by the Afsluitdijk. As a part of the heroic Dutch sea defences called the Deltaworks. Protecting the Dutch (river Rhine and Meuse) Delta from flooding disasters like in 1953. And like in Pakistan last month.

(*) Publisher: Sydney: Print Room Press, 1980. A complete catalogue of the Artist's known woodcuts. Introduction by Robert and Ingrid Holden Port frontis with 4 colour & 29 b/w plates, (84pp) 4to. stiff white color pict wrapps. ISBN 0959456902 (used from $ 50 -250)

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