Sunday, 27 May 2012

Elisabeth Sawyer-Norton, some more prints

Elisabeth Sawyer-Norton
American painter, printmaker and sculptor.

(Continuing and updating from november 2010)

In november 2010 I showed the wonderful woodblocks by Elisabeth Norton on the Linosaurus. After a short break in Blogwriting and the sending of the cockatoos print by follower and reader Shaun from Lincolnshire last week this is a good opportunity showing some more newly discovered examples of her prints that have turned up over the last 18 months. 

Many of these new prints I found at Richard C. Frey Fine Arts  California (US)

The Cockatoos were shown in an auction sale announcement together with this "watering cattle (Pesos?)" print. It's not by Elisabeth Norton and I request the help of readers to identify the monogram in the cartouche or possibly the artist. (It could read "To Max, loving Thea").  


  1. All very interesting, partly because I assumed she was European. I specially liked the two cairn terriers but also the Jungnickel parrots. The cairns strike me as very 1930s. I thought she was better on these strong images than on landscape. Do all the landscapes show France, do you know?

  2. Besides the French-Roman aqauduct print which is titled "Avignon", most of her landscapes are Californian Bay Area and Provincetown scenes. And like Jungnickle and Fritz Lang she loved Zoo inhabitants.