Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Else Zinkeisen, II continued.

Else Zinkeisen
(Born 1871 Hamburg)

As promised and completing here’s the rest of Else Zinkeisen's woodblock prints. In her native Hamburg she choose the old Hammer Kirche. Originally build in 1692 and distroyed in the bombing and firestorms raging over the city in 1943.

And the places she probably visited during holidays. They are picturesque and historic places like "Werratalblick", View on Werra vale , probaly seen from the same panoramic photografic point called Krayenberg.  
"Burg Hanstein" (Hanstein Castle)

"Burg Fürstenstein" (Fürstenstein castle) 

The caracteristic twin towers of the 15th century Frauenkirche Cathedral is visible dominating over “der Englischer Garten” in Munich. Creation of  the 1000 acre garden (larger then Central Park) started in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thomson and has an interesting history you can read here* 


  1. I am really overwhelmed by the beautiful images and fascinating text here. Your very fine blog is a museum all on its own. I'm looking forward to exploring your archive of posts. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing all this.

  2. What can I say....... I'm really glad you're enjoying my humble efforts creating this Blog. Such compliments and comments are the motivation to continue.