Tuesday, 10 July 2012

John Hall Thorpe & Adam Bunsch


Today a quick post on some recent emails by Blogreaders that might be of interest to readers. Fundamentaly I avoid any commercial activities and interests by third parties in the Linosaurus. Today for the first time breaking my house rules in the collecting interest of my readers.

Postings on John Hall Thorpe's flower prints* are by far the most and frequently visited in the Linosaurus. For those interested in finding and buying a JHT print: here's an adress that came to me today in the comments section of the original posting: http://www.barhammoneyfineart.co.uk/ 
There are this (above) rare "Fruits and Flowers" and 2 other JHT flower prints (search by artist) for sale, and the pricing ? Just see, consider and decide for your self.


Adam Bunsch, grandson of polish artist and printmaker Adam Bunsch (1896-1969) I revealed to you earlier, has informed me of his Website (under developpement and construction) on his grandfathers artistic legacy. Here's a great new print by Adam Bunsch borrowed from the site. It would be interesting to compare and analyze it with other prints by the various artists who dared at creating peacock prints and the Link to Adam Jr.'s website": www.adambunsch.pl 

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