Monday, 19 November 2012

Readers post: Eva Roemer & F. Tidemand-Johannesson

Last week two readers send me their prints for sharing after finding initial information about the artists in the Linosaurus. Besides the comments left by readers this is the reward for all the time and effort put in by the blog author. And it is the fuel for continuing.

First, reader Gary send me for sharing his 1953 Frithjof Tidemand-Johannesson (1916-1958) print. It was given to him as a reminder to his Norwegian fieldwork by his Institution. Tidemand succeeded in expressing the long and dark winter above the Polar circle with the simplest of means. The result is indeed the emotion of survival, bitter cold, darkness and endless horizons.

Reader Udo from Germany recently found this Eva Roemer (1889-1977) print, I think among her finest, in a local sale. Searching the Internet for information he found the postings in the Linosaurus (Links below). Through the Blog it has found a new and loving owner (not me, it's her friend that is my secret muse). 

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Eva Roemer (*) and later additions

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  1. Hi Gerrie,

    F.Tidemand-Johannesson's prints are all lovely, but this one above evokes an atavistic emotion in the viewer. There's something raw and of an ancient time about it. I imagine the owner's guests are drawn right to it and then ask questions.