Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hélène Mass (Maß), printmaker (V)

Yes all right, I know this scene is not a beergarden (Biergarten), just a garden idyll. But recently it has led me to some great works of art that are related to this theme by contemporary artists (most were born approximately 1865-1875) in the time the subject of my recent postings, Hélène Maß, created this charming woodblock print.

At least I think she must have been acquainted with many of the artists and their works shown in this posting. Although it is a totally different medium Maß’ woodblock prints rival with the paintings in oil by her colleagues. The use of light, shade and colour by Maß are very reminiscent of the paintings and style of Max Uth (1863-1914) (above) maybe there’s an unknown connection somewhere. I’ll do a posting on this charming painter soon.
I just couldn’t resist creating a posting with this theme because I couldn’t find anything similar, discovering many new to me painters: very rewarding indeed. 

The great Max Liebermann (1847-1935) enjoyed the charms of the Biergarten very much, sketches, etchings and great paintings, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and visiting Leiden in the Netherlands. Capturing the filtered light and always the easy summer atmosphere.
Painter printmaker Daniël Staschus. 
What better place to be the in a traditional German Beergarden. After a Sunday stroll along iconic avenues or in one of the many parks enjoying a cool beer or lemonade in the shade of age-old trees. 
My favorite:  Hans Hartig (1873-1936)
Richard Bloos (1878-1956)
Seeing and being seen. Nothing much has changed in 100 years, but imagine the magic of beautiful cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London without omni present motor vehicles and planes overhead but the pleasant noises of horse and carts, civilized conversation and laughter around you.

Georg Jauss (1867-1922) and Fritz von Uhde ((1848-1911)

There are and were many famous beer gardens (guesthouse, brasserie) in Berlin, around the Tiergarten, the famous central park with it’s equally famous Zoo and of course the Prater Biergarten and I cannot imagine this particular charming scene chosen so often but by the Berlin (post-)impressionist artists.

Fritz Gartz (1863-1960)
Max Stern (1872-1943)
Otto Eduard Pippel (1878-1960)
One more posting on Hélène Maß, her great times and her circle to go. For those who think they’ve had enough: I believe one is obliged finishing what was begun although I’m anxious to show some great new discoveries, new  forgotten printmakers and some great prints soonest. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non-commercial use.


  1. Gerrie,

    this posting makes me wish it was summer already...I can only agree to your praise of the Biergarten. However, let me say one thing: there might be many cities in Germany and other countries where people enjoy a glass of beer in the open, maybe under chestnut trees, but there is only one place where they have real Biergärten, where it is a social institution and part of the national character of the people, and this place is Munich. In other cities, it is just a cheap imitation.



  2. Ah, here speakes the connoisseur. I know Münich is the mother of all Biergartens es And I agree about the social institution. But you only have to visit any local Brauhaus in any German city to understand the words Gastfreundlichkeit, Wirt und Wirtschaft and Gemütlichkeit, to feel richtig "at home" in Germany. And in summer ......