Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Again: Help requested

Reader Lorens first request (june 7th) for help and identifying the maker of the charming woodblock print was solved within two weeks by reader Tine. Thank you Tine.

The maker, identified by the monogram used, was American illustrator and long time contributor the the Saterday Evening Post: Moses Lawrence Blumenthal (1879-1955) See:

Today she sends two more prints for sharing and she hopes to reveal the identity maker of one of the two prints she acquired recently. The above is by Russian artist Angelika Moltschanova (Молчанова, Ангелика). I tried but failed to find any data on this artist in the Internet. And in the same lot was: 

It's 6" x 4" and most probably also Russian, circa 1960's. If you have any ideas or clues please leave your comment or email me.

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