Monday, 31 March 2014

NOID, help requested (and solution)

Identification help requested 

A bit overdue and later as planned because of the extreme early arrival of spring urging me outside and away from the computer, today I share two prints send by reader Gillian. Both sheets are unsigned and could be, but not necessarily, by the same until now unknown printmaker.

Please send and email any suggestions about the maker(s).

Within two days of publishing this posting reader Felicity ( with her infinite printmakers knowledge and wisdom recognized the Windmill print. Here's her solution:

"Hi Gerrie, the Windmill print you are asking for help to identify is by Ethel Brisley subject Earnley Mill near Chichester. I sold my copy to the guy who is restoring the mill". 

*Ethel C. Brisley (1886-1961) is mainly known for her illustrations and this one mill print. 
There's still some uploading work to be done but opening soon (have peak):


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