Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Happy Christmas 2014 and Best Wishes

And my special thanks and wishes for all the nice fellow print enthousiasts and print collectors, friendly Blog-article observers and commentors, reasonable print sellers and even more reasonable print exchangers, hard working "German-pioneering-Women-Woodblock-Printmakers-born-before-1900" out-there-in-the-field Scouts, enthousiastic and professional text editors and correctors, important and vital information and new picture senders, always cooperative museum and other email-answering archival correspondents, friendly car-boot and flee-market sellers, unselfish charity shop owners.

it is now time for a rest:    

And in person I would like to thank: Wolfgang Barina, James Barnes, Heert Burgers, Michelle Bos, Bill Carl, Tom Clemens, Charles Haji-Baba, Clive Christy-Hazell, Lily Lotus Green, Ortwin Danckert, Wim Eilander, Hans von Döhren, Ed Ogul, Erik (El-Vivio) Korbeek, Felicity Naylor, Holger Paul, Steven Muzy, Hubert Fricke, Karen Charbonneau, Klaus Ohlig, Klaus Voigt, Markus Wehner, Vlatko Milosevski, Cees Oorthuijs, Peter Weidlich, Auke Boorsma, Neil Philip, Sergei Prodolnov, Shaun D'Arcy-Burt, Henk Spruit, Stephen Bishop, Steve Deniss, Thomas Treibig and all their loved ones who helped making 2014 an unforgettable year. 

And to all deer persons "out there" I might have forgotten to mention. 

These two card/examples by printmaker Arthur Allen Lewis  (Mobile, Alabama, 1873 - New York City, 1957). I'm wondering: who was CBH ?? (or PBH)  (the surprising answer is given by reader Tom in next posting).  

The Newspaper reading dad found at:

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 


  1. Hello Gerrie - And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well. Your blog is a continuing delight for me. Now let me try to answer your question and possibly send you down another rabbit-hole of wonders.

    I think CHB is really PHB for Paul Burty Haviland. The images at the link below include the same print without the sender's monogram, a separate bookplate with the monogram and another bookplate for Paul Burty Haviland.

    PBH and Allen Lewis knew each other well through their involvement with the Alfred Steiglitz, 291 group.

    In any case, I bought a lot of Allen Lewis material at a small auction years ago - somewhere I have a painting, several prints and drawings and a folder full of bookplates and greeting cards. Maybe this will motivate me to dig it out. So, thanks!


    1. Thank you Tom, this little card indeed is opening a rabbit-hole. I will update the posting a.s.a.p. with this and information. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too !