Sunday, 4 January 2015

NOID: Help of readers requested

These dated 1931 prints are not wood or linocut prints but monotype prints. A technique used to pull a printed (reversed) version from a painting on a plate. These are usually "one-offs" but sometimes a second "state" impression is pulled with the remaining paint or ink. Some great artist tried at monotype printmaking and the results are often surprising. 

I ask readers to help identify the artist signature on request of blogreader Tom. I keep reading Art(Wil, Celt ?) Subenik but that did not lead to a solution. 

Here as two great examples of monotypes by impressionist painter Edgar Degas (1834-1917) I found along my quest:

So, the bad news is my New Years endeavors failed so far but I am confident combining the  readers of my Blog will reveal the artist in the end. The good knows is the search brought me to the Lithuanian Vilnius Jewish Ghetto where I found an artist today so obscured I could not even trace a single work of art created by her. She will appear in next my posting.    

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