Friday, 17 July 2015

Ida Schilling-Hacke, who was she ?

Ida Schilling-Hacke
(born 1875 in Aurich - after 1942)
Forgotten German painter, 
living in Torgau near Leipzig. 

This posting (and the next two) was composed after stumbling over this water colored quick pencil sketch, probably created in a minute. I sincerely hope it will eventually lead to reactions by readers.

A quick investigations revealing only a handful of paintings by Ida Schilling-Hacke showing a skilled artist with a fine pallet.  

"Herrgottswinkel" (Lord Jesus corner) in a farmers cottage,
a traditional catholic domestic place of worship. The wonderful traditional blue-ish greens of Ida's painting reminded me of this fine German color woodblock print on wove paper (below). 

 Church interior 

Ida Schilling-Hacke is not mentioned in the great Artists Lexicons Benezit, Thieme-Becker or Vollmer but she has a reference in Dressler Kunsthandbuch mentioning 32.000 living in the 1920's artists, art historians, editors, researchers etc. Last edition: 1930. 

According to Dressler she'd studied in Munich, was a member of the "Reichsverband Bildende Künstler Deutschlands" and the "Künstlerinnenverein München". She was active around in 1930 in Torgau an der Elbe. Which is near Leipzig (see below *)  

Ida Schilling- Hacke took part in the 1940-1942 "Münchner Kunstausstellung" in the Maximilianeum in Munich and also in the "Grosse Münchner Kunstausstellung in the Neue Pinakothek (thank you Maximilian Baron von Koskull in Heubach)

Some genealogical data concerning regionally mentioned Hacke family members. 

From 1868-1886 a "Fritz" (Georg Friedrich Konrad) Hacke (b. 1842 Bentheim - 1922) lived and probably started his career as a solicitor and notary in Aurich (Ost-Friesland). He is a "possible" candidate as Ida's father: right place right time. 
From 1890-1893 Fritz Hacke was a German "Reichstag Mittglied" (member of Parliament) and he later moved to Leipzig (*). Which is "convenient" for a possible family tie considering Ida's later mentioned residence of Torgau.  

In 1820 a Friedrich Konrad Hacke was mayor of Bentheim, an editor and book printer. Maybe Fritz (grand)father ?

All help (art-historical, genealogical etc..) that may illuminate the life and career of Ida Hacke (Schilling-Hacke) would be very much appreciated. 

Bertha Schilling (1870-1953), Berlin trained painter in the Fischerhude artist colony.
N.N. Schilling, 2 lovely color woodblocks by an unknown printmaker. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet fior friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 


  1. I’ve got a print by Ida shilling hacke dated 39, it’s of a woman in a bowl of flowers. It has exactly the same writing at the bottom of the print.