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Marie Rollé: under the influence ?

Rollé, Marie
(Bern 15-05-1865 - 1942)
Swiss painter and printmaker.
Marie Rollé: Bielersee
My ongoing research concerning pioneering German Women Printmakers also includes German speaking artists: Swiss, Austrian, Scandinavian: artists who possibly were trained and influenced by or in German Art Academies, Schools, by German teachers and private Institutions.

Marie Rollé: "Arve am Gletscher" 1927. This print is known as a supplement to the magazine of the "Grafische Kunst Gesellschaft für verfielfaltigende Kunst" in Vienna (Austria). Copies of this wonderful print offered (Ebay) may  or may not have have the supplement original text printed in the lower regions of the sheet.  It seems possible (likely) this was removed. The originality of the signature M. Rollé is also doubtful. 


Hans Neumann (Munich 1873-1957) 2 color variations of the same print. 

I know of only one example, this print, by Marie Rollé. She studied in Bern with Paul Volmar (1832-1906) and in the Academie Julian in Paris but also with Bernhard Buttersack (1858-1925) in Munich. The print is regularly offered in Ebay but this one appeared  in a local sale recently. I'd missed it but received a reminder from a friendly reader. Although I am from "Europe's low-lands" and not particularly fond of mountain scenery I have to admit, unpacking   it is a really nice print, on heavy wove paper and it has an almost embossed "feel" and quality.   

Marie Rollé, Arve stone pine. 
Gos, Albert Henri (1852-1942)
(the same ?) Stone pine and Arve Gletcher  
Excavating the Internet I found Marie Rollé also painted the lone mountain pine. Her woodblock print however is more than just reminding of Hans Neumann's (1873-1957) print of a lone Alpine pine-tree (Swiss stone-pine) against a background of Swiss mountains. 

I assume (an educated guess) because of the complete absence of biographical and artist information on Marie Rollé that she learned printmaking from Neumann in Munich. The right time (around 1906/7), the right place and the similarities just cannot be ignored. See my posting on the Neumann brothers and their influence here*, or follow the labels below. Marie Rollé would have been one of many women artists/painters embracing this new craft. She was already in her 40's welcoming a new and popular means of marketing her skills and artistic talents as a free creating woman artist. 

Which brings me to some of Neumanns other not commonly seen prints and possible inspiration to other students and colleagues. His influence to southern originated artists possibly as far reaching as Emil Orliks was to the northern variety. After his switch from Munich to Berlin. 

Martha Wenzel (1859-1943) and Martha Cunz (1876-1961), both studied in Munich. They even seem to have added "Neumann-inspired" monograms to their prints. As did Marie Rollé. Martha Wenzels print was also published as a supplement. 

Else von Schmiedeberg-Blume (1876-1927(?), Berlin, blow left. Right: Hans Neumann.  

Marie Rollé is mentioned Dressler's Kunsthandbuch 1921: Fräulein (miss) living  in Bern (Sw.) Elfenstrasse nr.3. A member of the SfKV (Sweizerische freie Kunst Verein "Sezession".

All pictures borrowed freely grom the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.

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