Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Richard Graef: In Campodozza, Italy

Eisack bridge in Atzwang (Campodozza) Italy


Thank you Markus. What great fun solving these puzzles so quickly combining forces. 

The picturesque bridge, part of a bike-trail, is not a popular or tourist landmark and it's location is rather hidden. The river crossing, although renewed, is still there, making use of the great bolder, but the surroundings have changed dramatically since the days Richard Graef was here exactly a century ago. Brenner Highway today towering high over the landscape.  

Campodozza (Italian) or Atzwang (German) a little village in the valley of river Eisack in Italian Trentino or South Tirol province. Near Bosen (Bolzano). Along the Brenner Highway to  Innsbruck via the Brenner mountain pass.  

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