Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bachmann (?), a still unidentified printmaker: some new finds

See the next post for identification !

With international support, combining databases and archives most attempts in identifying signature problems of unknown printmakers usually are successful. Maybe not always instantly but eventually, sooner or later we'll celebrate our  succes. 
With my latest acquisition, a rare copy of Dresslers Kunsthandbuch 1930 (9th and last edition), combined with the 1921 (8th edition), a Lexicon of living German artists,  the chances of finding an artist in Germany have greatly improved. It already revealed the names of several other not identified printmakers.Which will be revealed and published in due time.  
But not this artist. I showed some examples before (3 from my personal collection) but recently a set of 5 others was found and the new owner Wolfgang who is an ally in my search for the identity of this artist. Even more recently the "Enzian" print (below) surfaced. 

So, another entry in the Internet and another attempt trying to find out with help of readers. Maybe with the help of some one who is really good in reading the German Sütterlin script. 
In all prints the signatures are very similar so I have low hopes of waiting for a more "legible" example to shine the light and render the solution to this puzzle. 
Bachmann, Bochmann, Litzmann, Lietzmann and some other suggestions have been made, but so far without a positive outcome. Any (all !) suggestions are very welcome.   

All these pictures embiggen by mous-clicking. 

See the next post for identification !

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  1. I read "F. Lachmann". Not to be confused with "Flachmann", which is a rather flat metal container designed to carry spirits and put it in your pocket.