Monday, 12 September 2016

Erwin Frommbach: new finds !

Some two years ago, after finding a small print (below) I  shared all I could find about printmaker Erwin Frommbach (1892-1960's): read here


Recently, because reader Barbara Nicol found my Blog, I received a CD with more prints by Erwin Frommbachdiscoverd in her fathers estate. Erwin Frommbach was her great uncle: Erwin's sister Gertrud is Barbara's grandmother. Her father Klaus Loose who established the Bamberger Marionettentheater (see earlier posting) died earlier this year. So here are some rediscovered and hardly ever seen before prints for sharing. 

Landgut am See

Gehöft am Bergabhang

Stille Bucht


Im Thüringerwald

Landschaft aus Thüringen

Mühle aus Thüringen

Alte Linde
Thank you Markus Wehner for explaining the titles !


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  1. Nice to see my flea market find "Alte Linde" in your blog.
    I read: Landgut am See, Gehöft am Bergabhang, Stille Bucht (seen this on German ebay once), Hügellandschaft, Im Thüringer Wald, Landschaft aus Thüringen, Mühle in Thüringen. I am quite sure that you can translate this.