Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fryklund, Gunhild Maria: Swedish printmaker

(Stora Kil Värmland 02-01-1892 – 1970)

Several years ago I shared the flower woodblock prints by Swedish printmaker  Maja Fjaested (1873-1961), today I share the prints I was able to find in the Internet by a student off her husband, but I have reasons to believe (below) she may have been more inspired by Maja in her printmaking.     

Swedish artist and printmaker. Daughter of arts & crafts artist Gustaf Fryklund en Josefina Nilsdotter. Studied 1911 with Otto Hesselblom (1848-1913), in Göteborg Valand art academy and with Gustaf Fjæstad (1868-1948).

Solo exhibitions in Gummeson art galery in Stockholm in 1925 en 1940 and together with Thor Fagerkvist (1884-1960) and Paul Grundmark (1887-1972) in the New Museum in 1929 and at Liljeval “Kunsthal” she was represented with 22 works. 

She created landscapes, interiors, portraits in oil and was a woodblock printmaker. Her work is collected in the Värmland and  Halmstad museums.

She is mentioned in several Scandinavian artists lexicons and this last print showed up recently in an online auction site. 


All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

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