Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Heinrich Carl, unknown American printmaker

Every now and then a complete unknown printmakers emerges from the past. Recently some prints by one Heinrich Carl surfaced in American Ebay. They all seem to be in not to good condition, all suffering from severe cases of spotting: "foxing", due to cheap paper and/or mold. 

Other then his very German name, Heinrich Carl, there's nothing biographical to be found in the Internet. So maybe sharing all prints I was able to find in the Internet and asking the help of readers of this Blog will shed some light on this printmaker. 

Did he learn to make prints like this in Germany or in America ? Was he a native American or an immigrant ? 

I have a hunch he learned printmaking from Pedro the Lemos (above) who I discussed in the earlier years (2011) of this Blog (follow the label). His books after a century are still a must for every print enthousiast and are easily and cheaply available and obtainable (use:  

For the occasion and display I corrected the perspective distortions of the auction pictures, made color and exposure improvements with Photoshop and I removed the brown spots of one of the nicest, the three crows on ice.

He was able to create prints using different techniques but, personally, I like the penguins and crows best. 

Winslow Homer ?

Please send all information on Heinrich Carl for sharing. 

All pictures embiggen by mouse-click

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.      


  1. Since I'm always attracted by color, even if it's a bit gauche, I'm most attracted to the sailboat print. Hope you're well and enjoying the spring.

    1. Indeed, Homer is a fine print. Spring is lurking !

  2. Sorry that I cannot contribute any information on Heinrich Carl, but thank you for sharing his work. I like it a lot, most of all the duck squad. The crows and penguins are rather flat due to the use of only two blocks. They somewhat reminded me of H.C. (which is rather unlikely to stand for Heinrich Carl) Jensen, another rather obscure american woodblock printer. His depictions of animals are also flat although he makes use of more blocks and are less artistic and more on an illustration level. I happen to own a children´s book dating from the late twenties "My Animal Book" containing 16 large formate prints of his. Maybe worth a look anyway.


    1. Hello Markus, thanks for stopping by. I know the alphabet book, very nice indeed.