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Käthe Kuntze: Forgotten Dresden artist (part 6) and Julie von Paul-Drowetzky.

Ginstersstrauss - Broom bouquet
Window overlooking Radebeul  
Busy organizing the works created by Käthe Kunze and made available for sharing by Käthe's relatives and working on her biography I recently stumbled over several drawings by a hardly known and equally obscured and forgotten artist. She also lived and worked in Dresden and may have travelled passed Käthe's house on her way to "Zum Pfeiffer" in Radebeul for a days sketching. 

"Zum Pfeiffer" was, and still is, a ***restaurant and popular panoramic weekend goal, to meet and enjoy a glass of local wine, a beer or a lunch on the terrace overlooking the many wine estates and river Elbe and enjoying the wonderful views. 

The restaurant is roughly situated at the same heights as the Küntze residence and maybe  600 meters away. So here are some more works by Käthe created in and near her house joined by Julie von Paul of whom I would love to know more. I share her biography scratched together from the few bits and pieces I was able to find.
"Andenkirsche, Peruanische Blasenkirsche, Judenkirsche"
Phylalis Peruviana

Like Käthe Julie von Paul found inspiration near her home and this "Hosterwitz" garden scene (below) is the only known other work by Julie von Paul. She is not mentioned in any artist lexicon. Hosterwitz is situated 6 km. upstream of Dresden, Radebeul 4 km. downstream.   

Julie Elisabeth (Elsbeth) von Paul-Droweztky

(Kimahlen estate near Goldingen in Kurland, Russia (now Latvia) 24-11-1864 – 1945 Hosterwitz near Dresden)
Painter and drawer. Studied in Dresden under Johann Walter-Kurau (1869-1932) and Georg Erler (1871-1950). Kurau also came from Latvia and ran a painting school in Dresden. He was of great influence and taught several other later well known printmakers. She is known from a port-folio with 8 drawings of panorama restaurant “Weinschänke zum Pfeiffer” in Radebeul Dresden situated not very far from the home of painter/printmaker Käthe Kuntze. Drowetzky is a not common Polish/Russian name. (In 1864 a miss Melanie Drowetzky in Mittau (Latvia) is mentioned donating one roebel to the church). 

Kimahlen is a Manor House near Goldingen (Kuldiga) in Latvia owned in the 1860-70’s by baron von Buchholtz and baroness von Offenberg suggesting Julie's father worked or was employed at the manor. In the later 19th century Kimahlen changed hands and was owned by several Baltic citizens of importance. Julie's known adresses:

Dresslers Kunsthandbuch 1921: Riga (Latvia), Artilleriestrasse 3. Member ADK, DrKG, VBK
Dresslers Kunsthandbuch 1930: Schloss Pillnitz (Hosterwitz) near Dresden. Member DrKG,VBK, RvbK.

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

NB: All works by Julie Elsbeth von Paul shown are currently offered by a Dresden art dealer in Ebay.      

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