Thursday, 3 August 2017

Summers puzzle: joined effort with Henriette Grimm

I recently found a "new name" (as I'm always on the look out for new names building the Index). The name came with this print. There's no point in discussing the print (that came with a tear and isn't all that gloomy as it appears to be on first sight. It would be fun to discover where miss Grimm sat (and spend her holliday ?) My guess: Italy. But I could be totally wrong. 

Grimm, Henriette                  (Basel 30-06-1894 – 1965 Baden Baden)
Painter, illustrator and graphic artist. Studied at Gent Academy in Belgium 1911-1914 and at Basel “Kunstgewerbeschule” 1915-18. In 1920-21 Paris “Académie Julian et Clarisse” and in Leipzig Academy.

Dresslers KHB 1930: Pirna an der Elbe (near Dresden), Rottwerndorferstrasse 6. Member RvbK, Verb. Schweizerische Malerinnen und Bildhauerinnen.

It would be even more fun if you know more about this artist, who enjoyed a thorough artistic education, and are willing to share.


Updated: September 13th + 14th 

See recent September postings for information and solving this mystery and puzzle.

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