Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hein Hopman: unknown Rheinberg printmaker

Hein Hoppman (1901-1982) 
German painter and printmaker: 
in Rheinberg. 

Ebay is what it is, an auction site, but for the curious and investigative by heart it is also a treasure cove of unexpected and new finds and names. Last week this rather nice color woodblock washed up on the shore lines of Ebay. If not for this print I probably would never have heard of the artist Hein Hoppmann. 

Investigating a bit Hoppmann turned out to be, although he studied in Berlin Academy and exhibited in several European countries and even in New-York (USA), a locally celabrated artist ("Heimatkünstler") and a teacher. He was born, lived, worked, and died and died in his native Rheinberg, a small provincial town near Duisburg in Nordrhein-Westfalia not that far from my part of the World and about the same size as my domicilum: some 30.000 inhabitants. 

I have no idea why the buildings in his 1930's print are no longer there today: most probably by war damage although the automobiles in the above picture seem 1950's. Hoppmann lost most of his work at the end of WW-2. This surviving print fetched nearly 100 a few days back, and I suppose his depiction  of Rheinberg Holzmarkt is of local and historic importance. 

Visiting Hoppmanns Rheinberg digitally I found this wonderful Bodega at Holzmarkt 6 (small yellow star) . Can there be a more invitation to have pint of beer or a glass of wine after visiting Hoppmanns Rheinberg ?

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

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