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Marie Wipperrmann in Paris II: A year later and first results !

Through this Blog I recently came in touch with Marie Wippermann relatives resulting in a very friendly correspondence, additional biography, family photographs and: two more woodblock prints by her created in Paris 1907-08. 

Marie Wippermann 
forgotten German painter and printmaker

The Karl Wippermann family.
As a daughter of prosperous Lüdenscheid distiller Karl August Wippermann she was allowed to study in Paris and according to family history also under Lovis Corinth in Berlin. Returned to Halver near Lüdenscheid in 1908 she married manufacturer Wilhelm Linden who died in 1922 after which it was said she never painted again and two of her three sons fell in WW-II in Russia.  
MW (right ) with her husband and probable sister 
As we saw at the time Marie was not alone in Paris (see before Wippermann article/posting) probably all attending lessons in the Academy Colarossi. 

I ask the help of readers to try and identify if possible the Paris locations Marie choose and depicted.

The street view (she possibly did it twice, so maybe from her rooms ?) possibly near where she had her quarters in the the Montparnasse district, not far from the Académie Colarossi and near Boulevard de Vaugirard (the "Jardin de Luxembourg" area) where Hamburg born Agnes Salomon lived who we will meet in next and closely related posting. 

A view on Eglise St-Joseph-des-Carmes in Rue (not the Boulevard) de Vaugirard (we think to see a cross on top, not a chimney) is a possible candidate. Seen from higher up the adjacent buildings ? Which happens to be "La Catho" or the Paris Catholic University founded 1875. It is not a 100% fit, possibly wrong, but just for starters. Better suggestions are welcomed.

What I thought to be earlier a "big cloud over Paris" on closer inspection and analysis is thick smoke from a chimney curling downwards into the street. Streetviews, winter and smoke were also topics used by Paris painter Albert Marquet, fauvist and close friend of Henri Matisse and in those years exhibiting with great success his Paris street views in Paris.

Albert Marquet 

Albert Marquet 

Seine river and quai with huge

Billboard - mural, Quai along River Seine with a barge (?)
This advertisement (obviously a huge mural) of "Le Petit Journal" a popular newspaper on a Paris wall somewhere along river Seine + remnants of other (red) advertisements + the silhouettes of the buildings I hope will be enough to eventually disclose the exact location of this Seine-quai print by Marie Wippermann.  

Marie Wippermann 

Albert Marquet 

And then, in the end, creating a bridge to next posting, there was this surprising woodblock portrait, "Women in Café with coat and feathered hat", that once belonged in the private possession of Marie Wippermann that will be discussed in next posting. It will lead us possibly and unexpectedly to the birth of German Modern woodblock printmaking. In Paris ! This print was probably mentioned in a 1904 (!) graphics catalogue. 

More revelations & surprises in next posting.

All help and suggestions welcomed.


All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. And with courtesy of the Linden-Wippermann family.

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