Sunday, 10 March 2019

Susanna and the Elders: solved ! Albert Bechtold

Dorothea in Austria again solved a mystery. The print "Susanna" (and the elders, symbolised by two pair of spying eyes) was created in 1922 by Austrian sculptor and printmaker Albert Bechtold (1885-1965) who lived and worked in Bregenz.  

Thank you Dorothea !

After serving on the Italian front, marrying his Italian wife in 1917 Bechtold created this "Danae", daughter of Euridice, at the "Moment Suprème": the secret conception of Perseus by Zeus symbolised by a golden rain. Bechtold cleverly created a visual second layer to this myth: looking carefully Danae is reaching out to be kissed by bearded Zeus....  

The myth of Danae was depicted by numerous artist: from Rubens and Rembrandt to our modern times. Probably the best known and loved paintings of Danae is by an also Austrian artist: Gustav Klimt.      

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