Saturday, 9 July 2011

NOID and Horse Ploughing

This small (16 x 11 cm) but very powerful German linocut ("linolschnitt") is a good occasion asking your help reading the signature (click for embiggen). Maybe a certain German reader will be obliged shedding his light. I think it is amazing how well the composition, the proportions and perspective, the atmosphere (sunset ?) and the backlight are all combined in this great little chiaroscuro print.

As a bonus, creating a thematical posting I throw in all prints of horse ploughing I could find and remember.  It will be by no means "complete". Please feel free sending me others. The email adress can be found above: contact. 

Ernest Hamlin Baker (US, 1889-1975), maybe not a real relief print but to good not  showing.

Hans Frank (Austria  1884-1948)
Verpilleux, Emille Antoine (France1888-1964)

Hans Frank (Austria 1884-1948)
Ethel Spowers (Great Brittain 1890-1947)

Robert B. Robinson (US, 1886-1952)

Claire Leighton (Great Brittain 1898-1989)
Claire Leighton (Great Brittain 1898-1989)

Ernest Watson (Great Brittain 1884-1969)
Ernest Watson (Great Brittain 1884-1969)

Max Sparer (Germany 1886-1968)
Carl Krebs (Germany  1898-1977)

Karl Krebs (Germany 1898-1977) ox ploughing

Mary Lancaster (Great Brittain 1864 -?)

Unknown (US)
 Carl Lohse (germany 1895-1965)
 Carl Lohse (germany 1895-1965)

Alberto Beltran (Mexico. 1923- )
Emil Nolde (germany)
Robert von Neumann (German-American 1888-1976)

Unknown artist
Sylvan Boxsius (Great Britain. 1878- ?) but without the horse.

Alan Lewis (Australia 1973-1957)

I will be ploughing and combing my beach coming week, so there's a little break in posting.  But much more nice printed matter is coming soon.


  1. The dignity of labour - especially agricultural - was such a popular theme then. Great examples.

  2. An older one for you -

  3. what a great selection; it's interesting how some of them are so similar. i wonder if rockwell kent did one.

  4. No idea about the id but I wonder why this image was so popular (along with galleons).

  5. Thank you Silas. And Liam, I found the picture in the Link (thank you): a 19th century ox-plough wood engraving, and Lily I couldn't find any by Rockwell Kent. Charles, I think before mechanisation took over this was so very common a sight as Silas said: the dignity of labor. Looking foreward to your galleons posting.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Surely Thomas Hart Benton depicted the subject of ploughing in his heroic fashion. I'll look for one and send a link. I'm anonymous 'cause I don't know how to do the other options.

  7. Thank you, I look forward to your email.