Friday, 29 July 2011

Schöne Dinge

With todays posting I share with you some very nice prints from the collection and stock of Thomas Treibig from gallery Schöne Dinge ("Beautiful Things") in Berlin. 

Theodor Barth
Swiss painter and printmaker

I could not find much if anything on this artist but this painting (1917) that obviously stood model for the print. A very remarkable, desirable and skilfully executed rare print.

Oscar Droege
German printmaker

Two very nice and desirable examples of this most famous and very prolific German printer. He created over a 100 prints. Not all to my taste but these definitely are ! (and comparing recent Ebay prices: affordably priced !)

August Heitmüller
German (portrait) painter and woodblock printer

A very remarkable composition and rare print by this painter .

Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald
German woodblock printer

See for more prints, details and biography in this printer Clive's Art and the Aesthete. A very desirable alpine landscape. 

Erna Halleur
(? -1940)
German woodblock printer 
Erna Halleur
Martin Erich Philipp

Very rarely prints by this printer are seen on the market (the most recent one was sold at a staggering 360 € + 20% auction fee: approx. $700). This one has some Martin Erich Philipp feel to it and it's big, very sunny in good condition and most of all modestly priced.

Auguste Lind-Graf
(Berlin educated and based artist, 
colleague and contemporate of Margarethe Gerhardt)
Auguste Lind-Graf
Karl Johne
German (or Czech) printmaker

Karl Johne  
Frances Gearhardt
Not much is known about this printmaker which is hard to believe seeing this nice landscape so reminding of American printer Frances Gearhardt's (1869-1958) landscapes. Details on Karl Johne's biography and more examples of his prints are very much welcomed (this print however is already sold).

Toshi Yoshida 
Japanese woodblock printer 

'Winter" from his series "Birds of the Seasons"
(thank you Klaus !)

Leonard Fanto 
Austrian stage and custume designer
and woodblock print maker
Only a handfull of Fanto's woodblock prints are generally seen. This one is great, a very intens portrait. 

Jenny Marion-Roth
German lithograph printer
More details on her life and work would be most welcome.

Eva Maria Marcus
German, Berlin based, painter and printmaker
This last print from Berlin a stunning and complex flower bouguet. It is not for sale (...) as it belongs to Thomas personal collection. It's one of the nicest flower bouguet prints I've ever seen, rivaling many and even the greatest flower printers in number of colorblocks used and complexity. Below is her Sea Pines in colour. It would be nice to learn of more examples. The Metropolitan Museum in New York has prints by E.M.Marcus in it's collections but sadly no colour pictures are available. 

From Thomas' collection I was allowed sharing these two no doubt rare oil paintings by Eva Marcus. It is known she travelled often to Sweden and I think the second one is showing a typical Swedish coastal scene. Great colours.

Thank you Thomas for making these rare prints available for showing and sharing in the Linosaurus. Most of them are for sale in his gallery "Schöne Dinge" in Berlin. You can contact him for information and questions through his website
I have to inform readers that his 3 Eva Roemer prints from last post are since sold. Congratulations to the undoubtedly proud and happy new owner.

Thomas warmly welcomes any offers of work by Eva Maria Marcus.


  1. The bird print is a Toshi Yoshida. I have already told Thomas on the phone). Nice prints, these!


  2. All very interesting, Gerrie. I think you could have made at least five posts out of all this material. And if you don't, I will!

    I like the Marcus 'Sea pines' alot - but not as much as the Johne. I'm not surprised it is sold.


  3. i like the marcus. is that you we can see part of?

  4. Thank you Klaus, Charles and Lily.
    Charles I look forward to any spin-off postings, and Lily it's Thomas image in the pictures.

  5. Well, Johne is a challenge.


  6. Thank you all, I've updated the posting with your attributions.

  7. I have the same Marcus pictured above. It is not numbered. My home was built in 1927 and occupied by one family until I purchased it in 2009. The print was left in the house when I purchased. The print was purchased, matted and framed, from a local department store. It has never been removed from the frame. I believe it was purchased in the 1930s, but I have no proof of that belief. There is sticker on the back that says "Eva Marcus, 'Landscape', 6-" I guess the sales price was $6.00!

  8. Well Jan you were very lucky, and I for me it is very rewarding you found some information through my humble Blog. I wonder how the print came to America. These German printmaker ladies often exhibited in overseas I have discoverd. I hope you like and enjoy and it stays with you in the house. But if you decided otherwise just let me know even it's at night.
    Thanks for letting me know, it is really appreciated. Gerrie

  9. Quick question- Do you know where I can purchase that winter Toshi Yoshida Print? I've been looking for that set.

  10. Sara jus a quick answer. Just use the Link that is attached to Schöne Dinge in the introduction or email him directly (recommended) at: Thomas Treibig:
    You can find mine in the Contact button (topbar)