Sunday, 4 December 2011

Carl Kunst, some more finds

Carl Kunst (III)
German Poster and Printmaker

Keeping my promise from the before posting, to share some more newly found examples of Carl Kunst's prints, here is a collection of around 1910 postcard designs of the city of Munich he made. To my knowledge these 3 postings combined making up by now a pretty unique Catalog of Works by this artist. Although he died young, he has been far more prolific as I at first imagined a year ago when I found the exceptional print I started this quest for examples by this short lived artist with the first posting

These are rather small, miniature pictures if you consider they make up the top 1/3 of a vertical postcard.

 And one in the horizontal. 

 Then I found three more examples of Ammersee postcards.

 And one more poster (for a chocolate company)  

And two prints/designs labelled "carpet designs":

If you happen to know of examples of works by Carl Kunst please consider letting me know. (contact button) 


  1. Thank you Stephanie it's always nice receiving encouraging comments. Thanks for stopping by.