Wednesday, 7 December 2011

NOID, Help requested

AS: the identity of the French printmaker was solved today by reader "Archimandrill", see comments below.

Something came up today and I ask the help of readers in identifying a French printmaker. Not often does one see a woodblock print by a French printmaker. This one titled "Tours sous la Neige" (city of Tours in snow). Tours largest city in the centre of France and Loire district but not the capital (that's Orleans). Famous for it's many castles and heavenly wines. The Loire, "Queen of Rivers". There are many examples of great prints showing Prag from the banks of the Danube in snow but this is a very rare view. To make it even better: it's for sale. Here, at Stuarts'.

Besides nice, in shades of gray, it's  also rather acurate as you can see by this early xxth century postcard,
And by this modern photopgraph (with a wide angle lense) of the ancient bridge and city view of Tours.
Stuarts shop is here.


  1. A little googling of the title indicates its by Ferdinand Dubreuil.

  2. Well, that's really fast. What I've seen in a quick Google-glance he was a good illustrator, many railway pictures he did. Thank you so much Archi. I think Stuart will be very pleased.