Saturday, 14 January 2012

Around Antwerpen School of Printmaking (VII)

Westminster from the Victoria Embankment

William Dudley computer composition
( in the style of John Atkinson Grimshaw)
While researching the Verpilleux’ Thames woodblock print in last posting, strolling along the Victoria Embankment I’ve encountered almost all important artists of the 1870-1930 period. British painters and etchers, French Impressionists and a good many visiting artists from all over Europe and America. 

After the views from Waterloo Bridge towards Westminster (also last posting) now following is a selection of similar views but seen from the Victoria Embankment it self, constructed and completed in 1870.

What better position then high up from the Cecile Hotel allowing the highest and most dramatic and spectacular panoramic view over River Thames. Depending on the angle of view Cleopatra’s needle (erected 1878 in front) is either overlooked or visible as a landmark.
Most artists choose this view West towards Westminster showing Hungerford Railway bridge (replacing the old Hungerford suspension footbridge in 1860), Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Bridge on the horizon.
Leo Lesser- Ury (1861-1931): 1927
Edward Seago (1910-1974)
André Derain (1880-1954): 1906, from Waterloo Bridge crossing.
Claude Monet did several (a great many) others, from this point also in the other direction (the famous Waterloo Bridge series. Later).

 William Lionell Wyllie (1851-1931) showing Hungerford Bridge,
 possibly with some phantasie)
Leaving the Victoria Embankment, but not London, dismissing all great works of Art viewing the other side, so towards Waterloo Bridge, here are a few more encounters and views towards Westminster from the pavement. Like the view from American artist Joseph Pennell's  (1857-1926) sudio (unitill 1914) on the Adelphi Terrace (below)  

On a rainy day I promiss to make up and return to the Embankment. Walking East towards Waterloo Bridge (right) meeting Emile Claus (1849-1924), the Belgian Impressionist refugee who had a studio on the Embankment. Like printmaker Henri Wils (1892-1967), the starting point of this series, he also fled Antwerp in 1914. Wils ending up in the Netherlands. 
(Circle of)  Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn (1870-1951)
John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893)

James Aumonier (1832-1911) 1882

Leo Lesser-Ury (1861-1931), Crossing
Rose Mary Maynard (1856-1929) Crossing

Ken Howard (1932) Crossing

Next: The British Museum: London woodblock print by Emile Verpilleux. And some more fresh biographical discoveries.

Please note: there are many more photographs, paintings and other works of art of and from this location. This is just my selection.


  1. Really enjoying all the London images, especially the stations. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Gail, glad you enjoyed and I really appreciate your comment.

  3. really interesting images and context and perspective. and really fun to view.

  4. Thank you Lily, it's really fun making them, the reward is in the commments.