Friday, 27 January 2012

Maria Willemina Wandscheer

Maria Willemina (Marie) Wandscheer
Dutch painter 

Portrait by her friend, the painter, early photographer and etcher Willem Witsen (below)

In last posting I mentioned Marie Wandscheer being the painting teacher of Fanny Psicha. What better opportunity (before returning to a new chapter in the Antwerp theme postings) sharing some fine examples of her work. Marie Wandscheer until very recently was a somewhat obscured, neglected and forgotten painter but recently some new attention was brought to her.
1) Jan Voerman Sr.   2), 3) Marie Wandscheer.

After initially painting nudes, which was en-vogue for lady painters in those days, she was persuaded trying at "gingerpots and flowers" by painter Jan Voerman Sr. (1857-1941) whom I showed before on the Blog. Well, here they are, a dozen or so little gems brought together in the Linosaurus.
Marie entered the Rijks Academie in Amsterdam in 1876. Living and working in Amsterdam at first but later she moved with her family and also painting sister to the provincial town of Ede around 1895. 
In Ede she met again her old Amsterdam Academy class mate painter, photographer and etcher Willem Witsen (1860-1923). Witsen returned from his stay in London (1888-1891) and just married, taught her how to use the etching needle. Witsen, mr.painter and etcher also was mentioned before on the Victoria Embankment (link above). I will show more of his atmospheric London prints shortly.
These contrasting last two lovely impresionist flowers in gingerpot could have been among the last Eduard Manet (1823-1883) ever did in this world: see his famous "last flowers" in the Linosaurus here.
See also earlier postings on Manet's legacy by impressionist flower painters Stanley Bielen (here) and Nancy Tips (here).

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