Monday, 5 March 2012

Red haired beauty !

Victorian Red Haired Beauty by unknown artist 
Contemporary Red Haired Beauties by Corry Kooy
Charles' latest posting in ModernPrintmakers revealing a lovely small print of two cows: "Rouge and Noire" by Sylvain Boxsius (1878-1941) coincided with a planned posting on woodblock prints showing cows.
So this is a good opportunity starting with the colorful red beauties first. The opening painting of a "herd of red cattle along river Flist" by Dutch artist Corry Kooy. Although not a print perfectly illustrating the nostalgic feeling we  (at least I) have when enjoying a nostalgic scenery that has almost disappeared from our landscapes.  
 William Nicholson (1872-1949)   Anne Faulkner (1862-1933)
Since the times these printmakers took to the meadows, sat and sketched their subjects, much has changed. Many of the herds staying indoors nowadays, the bovine milking types through selective breeding changed into far more powerful and productive feno-types. Red cows and mixed stock have allmost completely disappeared. This posting with these lovely examples of times gone by a tribute to the colorful cow.
Carl Alexander Brendel (1877-1948)
Siegfried Berndt (1889-1946)
Hiroshi Toshida (1876-1950)
Kathleen Hale (1898-2000) - Johan van der Zee (1898-1988)
This "ordinary" black & white sister had to be included here ofcourse. Japanese printmaker Kanae Yamamoto (1882-1946), when staying in Brittany in 1912, made some great and surprisingly Modern (European) prints. After investigating his no doubt relationship with Breton printmaker Henri Rivière (1864-1951) I'll show them soon.
Likewise, although not prints, these cows (thank you Lily Japonisme!) also in Brittany by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) and painted in 1890 before leaving for Tahiti 1891 I couldn't resist. His close friend Vincent, himself a red head, shows his love for red beauties and  simultaniously, with a wink, paying his respect to Old Master Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678) 

And while painting this peaceful family group of red ladies (above) one of the more sensitive German printmakers Walther Klemm (1883-1937) perhaps  found his inspiration for this print.
Hans Neumann (1873-1957) printed these probably Alpine red haired cows but they could also be grazing over the white cliffs of Dover. 
Closing this thematic posting with contemporary Dutch printmaker Margriet de Goede.


  1. I very much like the print of three brown and white cows on the green background which you have labelled as by Daniel Staschus. I noted the apparent initials 'SB' and wonder if this might rather be Siegfried Berndt ?

    If of any interest, I have a couple of cow-related works which I'd be glad to share if you have an e-mail to send to. One a screen print by Aiden Hartley (of Channel 4 documentaries) and an unusual 'inscribed watercolour' by Ken Walch who studied under Murray Griffin I believe.

  2. You're absolutely right I will make corrections immediately. I'm always interested in related works you consider worthwhile sharing. You'll find my email under the contact button (above) Thanks very much for commenting, always much appreciated.

  3. I wonder what 's your opinion about this red haired I coincidentally posted lately... Unfortunately It's not a print but a watercolourpainting ;-)

    I like the dynamic of Carl Alexander Brendel's print and the reflections in the water of Hiroshi Toshida's, which makes it as vivid as Gauguin's painting.

    Kind regards and thanks for sharing

    - Dauw -

  4. I like here, nice style and beautiful red haired. Dank voor je bezoekje.

  5. i love all these beauties, gerrie! thanks for the nod, and wow--good catch on the van gogh! i like the new one that you added.

  6. oh, and by the way-- there's a fairly new thing on google image search, not brand new, but i've just started using it a lot.

    you can upload images from your computer and just put them on the blank line where you would normally type the name or something. you have to make sure the line is cleared.

    you can also drag over an image from online; i just tried your 'red-haired beauty.'no luck there either.
    you can just drag the file from your computer to that space. you can often find out the artist this way! i already tried it for most if not all of your noids but came up with no answers except for my own birds.

  7. Thank you Lily, I'm glad you enjoyed, and also for trying at my NOID's. I'm a great red head fan so this posting was a joy making. I'll try the alternative upload gadget.