Sunday, 18 March 2012

Botany and update

Observant reader Shaun recently send me corrections in a comment, again proving the combined powers of Blogreaders. Last june I posted: Surfinia's ! about this nice flower woodblock print. After some internet digging I came up with a possible brand of flowers: Surfinia's. Last week Shaun set right the matter: they are actually a Dahlia variety. One of the oldest in the world named "Union Jack" also known as "Star of Denmark. In contrast to the Surfinia's variety these have the distinct yellow hart. Shaun even grows them.

Left Surfinia var. Rosa Veine and right Dahlia var. Star of Denmark.

Now, after having solved the botanical question I ask readers again helping me with reading the signature  identifying the (German) maker. I'm convinced one day that will be solved also. Thank you Shaun.

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