Sunday, 16 September 2012

Eva Roemer (continued)

Eva Roemer 
German painter and woodblock printer 
Great grand-daughter of Fanny Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

This morning reader Cheryl Moldon from Canada sends pictures of 2 prints by German printmaker Eva Roemer (previous posting here*) that I'ld like to share with you. She's recently bought them in beautiful Vancouver. They've obviously stayed together for 80 years. I'm quite sure these elegant prints are revealed to the world for the first time. 
She, and I, would very much like to know when Eva Roemer was in America and if she might have visited Canada. As shown in the previous post new facts and revelations are often just a matter of time. This is a good opportunity showing and adding to previous postings (use the search options or the labels) on this artist pictures of maybe her finest prints I've found recently. 
And what about this photo by early photographer Charles Zoller (1856-1934) who besides immortalised Charlie Chaplin made this photo that has great resemblance with this print by Eva Roemer. I wonder if she was inspired by the photo.
(Zollers blue photo reblogged-and cropped-from "the Blue Latern" Blog).
Two Eva Roemer prints, the lone pine on the hill and the blue lake with gulls are for sale on Ebay: just search Eva Römer

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