Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Marjolein Terwindt, printmaker

Marjolein Terwindt-Wetterau

Dutch contemporary painter and printmaker.

Blogreaders may be as surprised as I was discovering this working and living very near to my home artist. Marjolein Terwindt studied in the Minerva Art Academy in the nearby university city of Groningen. I've treated and shown artists who followed this renowned and longtime,  esthablished in 1798,  Academy in the Linosaurus before. 
Reduction printmaking techniques are a more modern approach to printmaking. Generally speaking it is fitting less into my personal field of interest and taste. The result, to me, is often too realistic and sometimes even too good to be true where I favour a more impressionist approach. But stumbling over a picture of these wonderful 3 chinese jars in such exquisite colors making the diference and exception, and change my mind, and investigate the artist printmaker involved. Thus, to my excitement and delight, finding some more gems which I share today.
And let's be honest, these examples of her cutting and printing skills I've found on her website (below) are very convincing and stunningly beautiful  and I honestly cannot think of any reasonable reason I haven't discovered them before. 

Here is the link to the website of this artist if you'ld like to investigate the art of Marjolein further: http://marjoleinterwindtwetterauw.exto.nl/

PS: I think I'll invite myself and pay her a visit soon and maybe see these marvels  in person and real life. Of which I shall do account of course. 

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