Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Abe Gerlsma: etcher of Friesland

Abe Gerlsma
(1919 - 2012)
Dutch painter and graphic artist. 
Technician and inventor of mechanical agricultural devices.

Neils’ latest posting revealing Jean Francois Rafaelli and his world in “Adventures in the print trade” is the immediate reason for this posting. It creates the opportunity pointing towards his great and very informative Blog and showing a recent find and acquisition (above "Winter in waterland") by a charming and sensitive artist who, I’m sure, most of my readers have never encountered.

Here’s a selection, examples of his oblong printed etchings often 13 x 42 cm (2:7), showing my direct environment, graced as I am living in the most beautiful province of Friesland in the Netherlands. 

Gerlsma is an artist always aware and never tired of the changing light over his native and beloved Friesland. Besides his straight forward etchings Gerlsma also expertimented in aquatint resulting in soft toned and even more delicate and atmospheric landscapes. He needn't travel far from home for inspiration.  

He was creative until 2000, leaving some 180 works and was awarded an exhibition last year in 2012. Even the The Kochi Museum in Japan bought a print for its collections.

As an encore two of my favorite aquatint etchings. All pictures are mouse-clickable to embiggen.  

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 


  1. I like "Winter in waterland" the best of them all. Thanks for introducing me to this interesting artist.

  2. Neil thank you for commenting. There are many great Frisian etchers artists to discover. And although the trade is very low and slow these days, Frisan etcher are and stay always in great demand. I'm glad you liked Gerlsma and I shall make a posting introducing these wonderful other artists from our great province to you.