Monday, 4 November 2013

Millicent Krouse

Millicent Krouse
(1933-  )

American watercolor painter and printmaker. 

Twice this week I stumbled upon prints by this contemporary printmaker in Ebay. Since the most interesting one (I love the long vase) is only sold in the lower United States these offers of very nice and aesthetic and affordable 1950-60 prints may be an opportunity for a reader of this Blog.

Millicent Krouse was aworded a scholarship in Pensylvania Academy of Fine Arts and I combed the Internet for more examples of her work. 

She was a student of artist and art teacher Morris Atkinson Blackburn (1902-1979) who I also looked up and was very pleased to have met him because of the interesting abstract prints and great use of colors. 

Works by Blackburn can be found also in Ebay. This picture probably found here: were more works can be found. 

All pictures borrowed from the internet for friendly, educational and non-commercial use only.  


  1. I especially like her blue teapot print. It invites you in with the intimacy of hospitality as though you are an honored guest. Besides, I'm a tea drinker.

    1. She crossed my path in Ebay and you're the proof it was a good idea sharing.

  2. Works by Morris Blackburn can also be found with the dealers that represent his estate,
    Which is where I believe the image you've posted was found.

  3. Thank you very much, I really can't remember where I've found it but I suppose you might be right. In that case I apologize for not mentioning. And will make a note right away.
    Best regards, Gerrie