Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hector Giacomelli, 24 finches on a perch

Hector Giacomelli
(Paris 1822- 1905 Menton) 

French watercolorist of animals, birds and insects.

Just the one picture I've discovered today to share. Used as an "in between postings" posting. Giacomelli was the son of an Italian professor of singing, jeweler and industrial designer. He is best known for his delicate watercolors of insects, animals and particularly birds. But it's the jolliest most delicate picture of a painting I've come across combing the digital beaches sofar from the sofa this winter. 

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Although he was quite famous in his days, made lots of money and worked with Gustave Doré, there're are few biographical details to be found other then his  entry in Wikipedia*. 

Clickable to embiggen picture borrowed freely from the Internet (Wikipedia) for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 



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    1. It is. I think I'll have it photo printed and up my wall in the hall. The original is 18 x 50 cm and I think the resolution high enough thanks to Wiki (thank you Wiki).