Saturday, 18 January 2014

Xu Hungfei: Guangzhou Open 2014

Xu Hungfei
(born 1963)

Chinese contemporary sculptor

Xu Hungfei studied at the Guangzhou Academie of Fine Art and graduated in 1990. Take 10 minutes to Google (pictures) this artist, enjoy, be amazed and I guarantee you a smile on your face that will last for an hour. His Chinese girls are elegant marvels, a combination of health, strength, aesthetics, athletics, elegance, grace and sheer beauty. 

Today I introduce the tennis playing athlete of his family as the Australian open is struggling with  playing tennis in extreme heat. In Guangzhou tennis, like most other sports, preferably is played in a light dress and barefoot.    

And to know this great talent has several sisters playing baseball, polo and golf………..

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