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Doris von Mohl, another forgotten printmaker.

Mohl, Doris von 
(later Doris Herrmann) 
(Neustadt/Orla 1894-1959 Neustadt/Orla) 

another forgotten German printmaker   

Ebay besides being an auction site also is like a shore line washing up forgotten and obscured artist like Doris von Mohl, a recent new to me name in my German women printmakers (born before 1900) Index (160 names). For the occasion I share my her newly composed short-biography ("Kurz-biografie"). Like many of her artistic printmaking sisters she has a (very) well-to-do background. Only these three prints shown here are known to me. I'll bet, while studying in Berlin with Lovis Corinth (see below) she was a student of  Emil Orlik (below) too.   

Born in Neustadt an der Orla (50 miles south of Leipzig) she grew up in Cairo (Egypt) from 1897 until 1909 as the daughter of Ottmar von Mohl (1846-1922) a diplomat recruited by the Meiji period Japanese Government (1868-1912) as a foreign adviser from 1887 to 1889. She had an older brother Waldemar von Mohl (1885-1966), a lawyer.

Von Mohl and his wife, Wanda countesse van der Groetsen serving with the Japanese Imperial Household Ministry in Tokyo to introduce European Court ceremonials to Japanese Emperor Meiji and his court.  He was stationed in Cincinatti Ohio (USA) in 1879, as a consul in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1885 and in Cairo (1887-1917).

Her Grandfather Robert von Mohl (1794-1875) was  a professor of political sciences and an ambassador to the royal court.

Doris studied with Heinrich Knirr(*) (1862-1944) in his private painting school in 1916/17 in Munich, later at the Bauhaus school in Weimar and with Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) in Berlin-Charlottenburg. She started her career exhibiting in 1918 in her native Neustadt, lived and worked from 1934 in Arnshaugk (Neustadt/Orla). She married painter and sculptor Karl Herrmann (1893–1962) in 1920.

Castle Arnshaugk is the von Mohl family seat. Tthe family brought forth many influential and high placed intellectuals, officials, military and scientists.

(*) Heinrich Knirr also taught at Munich Fine Art Academy from 1898-1910 and besides Paul Klee (1879-1940) he'd also taught Emil Orlik (1870-1932).  

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