Friday, 14 November 2014

Johann or Johanna Prescher ?

J. Prescher 
(  ?  )
unidentified German printmaker 

J. Prescher is an even more obscure (or is it obscured ?) printmaker than Erna Halleur was in before posting: how very undeserving ! Over the years I've collected the images for this posting but found never a clue to his (or hers !) identity. The identity of the maker of Thrush and Rowan-berries only revealed  after finding the signature of J. Prescher under the old matt. It's hard to believe all these different prints were made by the same printmaker.

Two lavish flower bouquets cut and printed in the same style. 

About half of them showing up in auctions or with print dealers in America. This could be an indication for having participated in an international graphics exhibition in America as I've discovered with Martin Erich Philipp (his parrots were very popular in the US) and with prints by Eva Roemer (1889-1977), see here*.

I have no idea who he was, it could be a Johann or a Julius but I would not be surprised if he appears to be a she.........Johanna

Two stylishly related flower bouquet prints. 

The last two examples: "Poppies" were found in the collections of Paramour Fine Prints  (sold) and "Geese and Apple tree" a recent offer with Annex Gallery Fine Prints (for sale) 


A possible clue to the identity of J. Prescher is maybe this artist with the same family name. Could it be his wife or maybe his sister ? All help to solve this mystery is very welcome and will be shared in this Blog, like more examples of course. 

Walter Prescher van Ed
(Dresden 06-04-1916- Ottendorf-Okrilla 1988)
German late impressionist painter and Art Academy professor

Student of Alexander Baranowsky (1874-1941), Ewald Karl Enderlein (1872-1958), Richard Muller (1874-1954) and Paul Rößsler (1873-1957) all in the Dresden Kunst und Gewerbeschule. In 1948 Prescher was appointed professor in “Akademie der Künste” in Berlin and later in the “Kunst Akademie“ in Dresden. 

View from the "Kunstgewerbeschule" in Dresden by painter Max Frey (1874-1944)

Walter Prescher also held a professorship in 1961 in Nancy (France). Honorary citizen of Montmartre (Paris) and master student of Oskar Kokoschka. Befriended with painters Jacques Villon, Fernand Léger, Maurice Utrillo, Jean Cocteau and Karel Appel. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.   

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