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Fanny Remak part V: Emmy Gotzmann

Gotzmann-Conradt, Emmy Auguste Elisabeth 
(Frankfurt am Main 19-03-1881 – uncertain(*) Berlin)
German painter (also known as Emmi Gotzmann-Hardt(*).

I stumbled upon Emmy Gotzmann her name combined with Eugenie Fuchs (before posting) in a 1927 exhibition account (see lower) from the archives of the "Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen". I discovered, like is the case with so many women (or Jewish) artists, not much information about this artist can be found or is publicly available in the Internet or in literature today.(*) What follows, illustrated with just two examples of paintings by her hand, probably is more or less correct:
Emmy Gotzmann "An der Flensburger Förde" 1905. 
Emmy Gotzmann studied in Berlin 1901-1904 with Max Uth (1863-1914) who in 1897 opened a private painting school for young women and also 
Max Uth
within the “Zeichen und Malschule des VdBK” with Hans Baluscheck (1870-1935) and Martin Brandenburg (1870-1919. 

Hans Baluscheck (l.) and Martin Brandburg (r.) 

She undertook travels to paint in Teterow (1901) and Penzlin in Mecklenburg (both north of Berlin) and in 1903 visited the “Ekensund Kunstlerkolonie” on the German-Danish border becoming close friends with Danish painter Anton Nissen (1866-1934) and Berlin Secessionist  Otto Heinrich Engel (1866-1949). Engel painted her at work (painting), below. 

Otto Engel: Emmy Gotzmann at work in Ekensund.
In 1905 she stayed with Ekensund sculptor Heinz Weddig (1870-1846), left, who created her marble bust (where-abouts unknown). In 1905-06 and 1908-109 she attended winter courses in nude-drawing organized by Weddig in the “Kunstgewerblichen  (Arts and Crafts) Fachschule” in Flensburg. In 1908 she travelled to Italy and in that year was awarded a solo exhibition in Flensburg “Kunstgewerbemuseum” which was received with great enthusiasm and praise by the local press, mainly because her mastering and use of light and color.

"Flensburg, Blick von Duburg" shown in 1908.
Old (1910) postcard showing Flensburg from Duborg.

Historical Flensburg with Mount Duborg  
Today: Panorama Flensburg from Duborg   

She had been married to Frankfurt bank employee Walter Emil Albert Conrad but was divorced in 1909. She was later married, and divorced in 1928, to Jewish actor and declamator Ludwig (Leo) Hardt (1886-1947) who later emigrated to the US.

Left Ludwig Hardt painted by Lesser Ury (1861-1931). See next posting for more connections with this Berlin impressionist painter who always worked in the shadows of Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth and Max Slevogt.  

Above: Tietsensee, a park just around the corner of Philippi-strasse, Berlin.  
Horst Miesler (b.1934) Bismarckstrasse in 1907, near to Philippi-strasse as Emmy Gotzmann would have seen it.
From about that time, 1909, she lived in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Philippistr. 11 (this district of Berlin was developed around 1905) and she is mentioned in this address in the census of 1935 and 1943(*)

Heinrich Zille (1858-1929), the beginning of the century immensely popular "cartoonist" and photographer of Berlin life, lived and worked nearby. He saw and probably photographed and drew the area's early development.  

Emmy Gotzmann is mentioned in the VdBK archives: an exhibition 19 nov. - 20 dec. 1927 showed 155 works by 59 artists. On this occasion the city of Berlin bought two paintings: one by Emmy Gotzmann and one by Eugenie Fuchs (1873-1943) (below) 

The exhibition held on 16 march – 15 april 1930 showed 86 paintings by 47 artists. 500 Reichsmark of premium price money was shared between Gertrud Fredrich (1874 - ?), Eugenie Fuchs (1873-1943), Emmy Gotzmann, Marie Isenbart (? -1935) and Thesa Steltzner (Frankfurt  a/d Oder 8 jan. 1868 – ?). 

She took part but was not a member of the Berlin Seccesion in 1912, represented with one picture ("Arlesienne") she was among all the great names of that period, Liebermann, Corinth, George Mosson, Orlik etc.... 
(The name and studio of George Mosson is popping-up almost in every biography of painting (Jewish) women I've researched so far, see also the next posting)

Although Emmy Gotzmann once was a much praised and respected painter only mentioning of a handful of paintings is delivered to our times and are known  (to me) today(*). 

Please remind: all information found in the Internet is at best: unreliable. But considering my efforts to find out more about the life of Fanny Remak I decided to publish this posting. Please send examples of paintings by Emmy Gotzmann. And also any information on Fanny Remak is very welcomed. 

(*) A much deserved biography by the hand of former gallery owner Ferdinand Ruigrok van de Werve from Flensburg will appear later this year probably clearing the many uncertainties and answering the many questions.

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

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  1. We own a painting we bought at a local auction in the US in 2012, in good condition in original frame. We recently deciphered the artist signed on the back E. Gotzmann Hardt Berlin as Emmy Gotzmann and found your site. Amazingly, you show a picture of our painting, which you call "Flensburg, Blick von Duburg" shown in 1908. there is no reference to your picture. We would like to learn more and would love to hear from you.