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Philipp Georg Braumüller: husband of Margarethe Havemann

Braumüller, Philip Georg
(Hohenlohehütte 16-09-1870 – 1927)
painter, printmaker and books illustrator. 

and was married to Margarethe Havemann in before posting. His birth place Hohenlohehütte, now Katowice, in Silesia in the South of what is now Poland. 

I found this nice painting of the Isle of Rügen with its iconic cretaceous cliff coast. Observing it having a closer look at his wife's woodblock print "Herbst" convinced me this print was also designed in Rügen and they worked together in this beautiful location, possibly spending their holiday. 

Closeby were the Hiddensee and not far away the Ahrenshoop artist colonies. In summer these wonderful locations and Dover-like Cliffs would have attracted hords of painters. Kandinsky (1866-1944) was here, Eugen Bracht (1842-1921 and Paul Emil Gabel (1875-1938) who painted the Island on several locations (above)   

Allee in Puttbus on Rügen  

My favorite Braumüller painting is this "Allee in Puttbus" painted in soft light in the tradition of "Berlin Impressionismus" and in my humble opinion matching the examples of the Grand Avenues and Tiergarten in Berlin depicted by Liebermann, Ury and Hübner. 

The painter Braumüller in auctions is both mentioned as Philipp Br. or George Br. Sometimes these names are combined indicating he is not that well known today. 

"Runkel and der Lahn"

A family chronicle stating he was born the son of an army general but a disability kept him from a military career. Instead he started his career as gardener in Breslau, some 100 miles to the West from Katowice, then moved to the centre of Germany to study in Kassel Art Academy, and also in the “Kunstschule” in Weimar. He also studied in the painting school of Friedrich Fehr (1862-1927) in Munich and with printmaker Ernst Neumann (1871-1954). He created posters ("Plakatkünstler") with woodblocks and lithography. 

He was wel known for his woodblock portraits of contemporary Munich celebrities like Max Petzold(*), composer Max Reger (1873-1916), theatre director and playwright Otto Falckenberg (1873-1947) and poet Martin Greif (1839-1911). But I was only able to find Falckenbergs (below)

He was a member of the “Graphischen Vereinigung Münchener Künstler”. and exhibited, like and possibly with his wife Margarethe, in the Glaspalast in Munich 1900-1906, in Düsseldorf 1907 and in Wiesbaden 1909.

Painting by Georg Braumuller and photograph of Berlins "Ballon Platz"  


(*) Petzold, Max (1852-1896), the son of famous international and royal (imperial) landscape architect Eduard Petzold (1815-1891) became like his father a German gardener, garden architect and designer. He was also a painter like Braumüller (below), maybe Braumüller taught his former colleague. 

Petzold worked for some time (1880) with Elvaston Nurseries (above Elvaston Castle and Gardens) near Derby in England. Maybe Braumuller visited his friend  explaining his interest and painting of British historic steam-engine “the Rocket”. Petzold later (1882-1883) crossed the Atlantic and worked in the Central Cemetery* in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then moved to Brasil.
*Probably: Spring Grove Cemetery and arboretum which was designed combining British   landscape design with Paris Père Lachaise cemetery lay-out, by garden architect Adolph Strauch a colleague of his father Eduard. The Braumuller, Petzold and Strauch families originated roughly  from the same region and maybe are a clue and indication for these contacts and ties decades later.  

All pictures borrowed freely from the internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

Please send any pictures of other paintings or portraits by Georg Braumuller. 

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