Monday, 7 September 2015

Jorey Hurley: less is more

Jorey Hurley

Less is more 

Can you understand my "Deja Vu" last week finding in a car boot sale this photograph of two resting lapwings in a plowed field in Friesland made by Jan de Vries, longtime photo-journalist associated with the (my) provincial news-paper the "Leeuwarder Courant". 

Some time ago I had stumbled over some pictures that had left a lasting impression in my brain. At first glance I thought them to be modern lino-cut prints (or could be created with block printing) but actually are designs drawn on the computer and printed by Inktjet. They are by California artist-illustrator Jorey Hurley: strong and powerful pictures with a wonderful choice of color. 

I'll show some of my favorites here today catching readers' interest but there are so many great designs I recommend to pay her website a visit: 

"Jorey Hurley studied art history at Princeton, received her law degree at Stanford, and studied design at FIT. She worked as a textile designer for Hable Construction in New York City and is now based in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband and their two small children". 

nest, her debut, was called “stunning” in a starred review from School Library Journal. 

fetch, her second book, was called a “delight” by Publishers Weekly in a starred review. 

hop, her latest book.

All pictures (and C.V.) borrowed freely from Jorey's website this for friendly and promotional use only.

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