Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Peter, Erna and Lars.

Thank to friendly reader and art dealer Peter I recently was invited to add this butterfly (moth) print to my Women Printmakers collection. It has been some 4 years that I've stumbled over printmaker Erna Fenkohl-Herzer (1882-1975), did some research and shared the results in this Blog (here*).

(Red Underwing, Rotes Ordenband, Catocala nupta) 

Peter Weidlich has an Art Gallery in Glücksburg, near Flensburg on the Danish border, north of Hamburg with a fine and varied (on-line) collection of prints and paintings at reasonable and affordable prices (find his offers here* in German Ebay). 

Swallowtail (Papillo machaon) Linocut print by Lars von Arb and photograph. 

Around the same time the small (14 x 14 cm.)  delicate print, with probably low edition numbers (this one was numbered 6 under the mat) arrived I happened to stumble over these contemporary linocut prints which, Googling, appeared to be created by Suisse artist Lars von Arb (b.1964). This is a good opportunity sharing these today since I like them a lot they and might be an inspiration to other artists and practitioners of the black arts.  

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)

Six spotted burnet (Zygaene filipendulae) 

Nemo !
(Amphiprion occularis, clown fish, anemone fish)

Familiar and recognizable subjects, bright modern colors and modern designs straight from nature, printed in limited editions of only 10 copies ........... This last one my favorite !  

Danke vielmals Erna, Lars und Peter: alles Bestens.

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

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