Friday, 6 November 2015

E. Mussler, unknown 1970's German printmaker

E. Mussler 
(living in Wiesbaden and later Kronberg near Frankfurt) 
unknown German contemporary linocut printmaker. 

Finding this contemporary (1976) meandering poplars linocut in Ebay recently rang a bell. This posting I hope will be inspiring to all who dare at the black arts. 

The printmaker obviously was inspired by one of Claude Monet's many "Poplars at Giverny" painted in the summer and fall of 1891 inspired by the perspective possibilities of meandering roads, rows of majestic poplars and the influences of the light and the weather. All on walking distance from his home and famous gardens.

Well, inspired is maybe not the word: copied, simplified and created a mirrored image ..........    

Unknown printmaker E(lisabet, Emma, Erika, Edith, Else ?) Mussler was from Wiesbaden and later lived in the nearby village of Kronburg (Taunus) near Frankfurt Germany. That's all the information the friendly seller was able to add. The dates scribbled on the prints (I could not resist to purchase the "Konvolut" or bunch) that arrived last week range roughly between 1970 and 1982. 

She obviously was experimenting with much enthusiasm, like Monet, with colors and light too and there's even another Monet painting she "used" to create a print, this time correctly cutting mirrored blocks of the painting first. The joy of creating a very nice image with the knife, press and paint is eminent in each and every print . 

Although these prints are some 40 years old I hope a reader or visitor one day stumbles over this posting and reveals to us the true identity of Frau E. Mussler from Kronburg (Taunus).     

These prints are of course not considered to be "great works of Art" but show how much fun it can be creating them and how pleasing and sattisfying the results of planning, cutting and printing can be.  

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