Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hedwig Matthiessen: new finds

Until recently Berlin printmaker Hedwig Matthiessen (1878 - after 1921) wasn't even represented in my archive of some 200 German women printmakers pioneering with color woodblock printmaking in the beginning of the XXth century. Summing up what I was able to find about her resulted in the Blog article only three weeks ago: here. After today four examples of her work are behind her name.  

Last week another print surfaced, leading to a rather unexpected and pleasant identification of a print in my archive of yet unidentified pictures of prints. It had an illegibly faded signature. It shows unmistakably the same location, same path and row of birches.  And besides, the date mentioned on this last print gives us a time-line: 1915. Located in Berlin who other then Emil Orlik could have taught her this type of printmaking.       

Whoever owns this last print with the spring Goddess (I think I saw it in Ebay long time ago) is requested to send me a good photographic copy. Considerations of swapping the original will be met with generous enthusiasm. 

These pictures were also added to the recent biography article on Hedwig Matthiessen. 

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