Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Karl Albrecht Buschbaum: Vedutenmaler

Buschbaum, Karl Albrecht 
(Berlin 05-04-1885 - probably before 1953)

Painter of cityscapes ("Vedutenmaler")
photographer poster designer and printmaker

Wolfgang did it again, identifying the signature in this print of the Hangmans house (Henkers Turm) in Nürenberg. So today I award this printmaker his own entry in the digital world: I sincerely wish it may lead to more biographical information I was able  to find on our first winter (ice-rain) day. 

Woodblock: Frankfurt Römer Dom and medieval houses on the Römerberg square and Römerberg and Nicolai-Kirche before destruction by allied bombing in WWII but today beautifully restored.  

Born April 5th 1885 in Berlin Friedenau according to "de Gruyter Signaturenlexikon". In the Stubenrauchstrasse 14, although this seems to be a mistake and was mixed up with this 1931 advertisement (above) where Karl advertises his business from Stubenrauchstrasse 41: postcards, industrial and city views, reproductions, posters and printed packing material.  

He is mentioned as having been a student in Frankfurt Kunstgewerbeschule (Arts and Crafts school) but without any dates or teachers given and is described as a "Vedutenmaler" or a typical city view painter.  

Known from "Ansichtkarten" (postcard designs), landscape etchings, city views (old Berlin, Frankfurt) lithographic drawings (nature) and 4(*) woodblock prints. I have one, Wolfgang has one and I found two more. 
(*) These last two examples are signed "K.A. Buschbaum   Handdruck" in a very different handwriting (not Sutterlin). Nevertheless they are shown here until some one knows better or "proven otherwise". 

These examples show Karl Albrecht was a pretty versatile artist, he was also mentioned as a photographer and said to have traveled also to Switzerland although his known views are mainly from Berlin, Frankfurt and Darmstadt. 

Karl Albrecht may have been related to the owners of the G.A. Buschbaum Maschinen und Motorenwerke in Darmstadt (south of Frankfurt) second half of the 19th century. Karl made several city views and postcards in Darmstadt. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.      

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