Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Elli Winiarz: Berlin Cats and Dogs

Winiarz, Elli

(Cöslin, now Koszalin in Poland  04-03-1875 – after 1926 Berlin ?)

Painter, pastellist and etcher.

A name I stumbled upon working through the wonderful but very rare 1924 "Lissner und Wohlgemut" catalog of graphic art(*) helpful reader Holger was so kind sending my copies of recently. An almost, and as you may judge your selfs, very undeservedly forgotten artist who is mainly known for her incredibly fine pastels of cats and dogs. Some seem to have been published as postcards, I found a handful Googling. She studied in the “Staatliche Kunstschule” in Berlin and traveled to Belgium. 

In auctions she sometimes seems to be is mixed up with: (Jerzy) Edward Winiarz (1892-1928). This may be because both artists are, as far as I know, not mentioned in any Artist Lexicon. She is also not mentioned among the members of the VdBK in Berlin. 

(*) Represented in the 1924 “Lissner und Wohlgemut Grafik Katalog” with 3 etchings: “Smeichelkätzchen (below)”, “Muschi”, and “Peterle”, (one shown): priced 9 Reichsmark. Quote: “Das Wesen der Tiere, besonders die mysteriöse Schönheit der Katze zu ergründen, ist die Triebfeder zu meinen künstlerische Bestrebungen”. (To fathom the character, the mysterious beauty of the cat in perticular, is my artistic aspiration). 


Winiarz, Jerzy Edward
Painter working in Krakau Poland. 

Studied in the “Akademie für schöne Künste” in Krakau with Wojciech Weiss (1875-1950), member of “Jednoróg” (Unicorn) and exhibited in the Krakau society of "Friends of Fine Arts (TPSP)" and solo in Krakau 1924. Said to have drowned in Italy while rescuing a women. Just one entry (in Polish) was found in the Internet.  

All further information (the dates given could not verified) on these two artists would be very much appreciated and welcomed.

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.     

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